About Cookies

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which store information. They are saved in the user's browser and are read by the server, where the cookies are set.

They are used for a variety of purposes: from data collection for the purpose of statistics in web browsing to website usability improvement, and user's experience. With the help of cookies, a website can remember the user's choices, adaptations of the website, login information or shopping cart content in online stores.

Many websites use cookies, as they offer improved performance of user's website. Cookies also enable a more enjoyable and effective browsing experience through the website.

Session cookies

Session cookies are used to temporarily store information. They are deleted as soon as you close the browser. They are used, e.g. to maintain login information on all sub-pages.

Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies remain active after closing the website, and are used for, e.g. remembering previous online purchases or memorising logins on the website. Persistent cookies can help websites provide high quality web services to its users.

First-party cookies

First-party cookies set by the website where the user is located. First-party cookies can be session or persistent cookies. First-party cookies are often those that improve the usability of the website.

Third-party cookies

Other cookies or third-party cookies are cookies that are created by a different website to that in which the user is located. For example, cookies that track visits to the website, and cookies that are used to display ads.

For more information on cookies please click on the following link: http://www.allaboutcookies.org

The list of cookies used by the arborvitae.biz website

1. First-party cookies

2. Third-party cookies

If you would like this website to run smoothly, please allow cookies to be stored.


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