PHM-V1 micromanometer whith integrated K factor, is designed for measuring and adjusting air diffusers and air valves using a patented technology. Accurate air pressure and air flow measurements with over 700 pre-programmed k-factor valve selections from various manufacturers. Save and upload results to PHM-V1 Manager software for creating a customized documentation and database.

For measurement with pitot tubes, most common sizes of round and rectangular channels are pre-programmed in the meter. Measurements can also be made using your own k-factor or with putty tubes.

All measurements reports can be create with included PC software.

Technical specifications


-250…2550 Pa

Maximum overpressure

30 kPa


±1.4 % from reading

Compatible mediums

Air and non-aggressive gases

Power supply

4 x AAA batteries or rechargeables


Pressure hoses: male Ø 5.0 mm


Mini B

Units on display

Pressure: Pa, mmH2O, inchWC, mbar
Volume flow: l/s, m3/h, m3/s

Operating temp. range

-10 … 50 °C


170 g


175.0 x 80.5 x 30.0 mm

Included accessories

• PHM-V1 manual
• Calibration certificate
• PVC hose (2 pcs, 2 m)
• USB Mini B cable
• Fläkt Woods valve measurement kit
• USB flash drive containing the PHM-V1 manager software


5 years


  • PHM V1 micromanometer HK Instruments 2


Top quality and advanced equipment for air particle monitoring viable and nonviable particles, thermal validation with wireless sensors and HVAC control system with regulation probes.

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